Performance jouée à la DAMU, Festival KALD Process, 2016 

A performance / Movement / Puppets / Creative writting /

Before being a performance, ABUELA is a reunion, of 4 creative minds.

Kike is an actor and playwritter from Madrid (Spain). He wants Silvia, Elisa and Maureen to help him create a solo based on the Ovide’s metamorphosis.

Silvia is a dancer and set designer, half equadorian, half italian from Trento (Italy). She works on the movement of the show and the puppets.

Elisa is a Set designer and photographer, from Milano (Italy) doing her scenography master in DAMU (Prague). She’s the scenographer of the performance and works on the puppets.

Maureen is a director and set designer, half-irish half-french from EnsAD Paris (France). She invents herself as a dramaturgist, create puppets and is the director of the performance.


Ovide Metamorphosis is about body,physical and mental transformation , fantasies, cruaulty, beauty, love.

We find ouselves in a world where one unique transformation is possible: being thin and fit. We are lead to transform into same bodies, Impossible body achievements, thigh gaps, «A4 challenge»: a new reality made of clones.

Judgment, food disorder,

When did we forget to love ourselves? Where is the real world and values of love?

ABUELA is the grandmother, our inner grandmother, the one that loves you inconditionnaly. The granny who’s wiser than any book. And that will always loves you, feed you, cherish you. She soothes the painful wounds. She tells stories from another time.

The protagonist suffers of his body, his overweight, being hungry. Finding a way to have fun, get out of his psycho-obssessions: he calls his ABUELA, to reincarnate, to love, to accept.

This performance has been held twice in DAMU, in april as an open-rehearsal and the second time for the process festival of KALD departement.