Project realized in DAMU, 2015 Concept around the story Dlouhý široký a bystrozraký

This story is a very famous one in the Czech Republic, because it’s about a journey of a boy becoming a man.

But it is also about any human being. Everyday, we have adventures, goals, journeys and we work for them, think about them.
And while we’re on these journeys, we create and re-create ourselves.

We develop different capacities to achieve what we want.In this story these capacities are represented by the long, the large and the sharpened eye.The long is the reflexion, he thinks ahead, premeditating and looking forward. The large is the practical one, he’s anchored in the ground, he’s powerful and confident.The sharpened eye is precise,he wants to discover the truth.

The princess is represented in different ways, hidden in the elements of the set: in objects, light,sound...

This journey is mental: the prince experiments with his body and mind to achieve his desire.

He plays with his imagination, making his own capacities as companions.